$150,000 given to Cache County & Logan City Schools, Teams, Groups, Charities & Fundraisers in 2017

Locally Owned and Operated

Cache Valley Direct has served Northern Utah for 8 years. We are a community based business. Our fundraising, marketing and advertising services make us a huge value to local families and businesses.

Fundraising Profitability

Your groups keep 50% of every book you sell. In 2016, Cache Valley Direct fundraising helped local schools and organizations raise over $150,000.

All Done on Consignment

When raising funds with Cache Valley Direct there is no required up front money (only pay for what you sell). You fill out a simple form in our office and you start earning money right away!

Extreme Value

Books are sold for $25 and they include 28 Free Offers (over $800 value) with huge savings on dining, golf, entertainment and so much more.

Everyone Benefits

Cache Valley Direct is a company that brings the merchants, customers, fundraising groups and community together for mutual benefit.